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Ortles Cevedale

Winter 2024 was definitely a busy winter. So much work, not always easy conditions, first little snow then two weeks of bad weather. “Flee” to the Ortler Cevedale glacier  for a week was almost a getaway from this crowd. Not that huts were empty there, indeed, I notice that more and more people are discovering this little paradise of the skitouring. But nothing like the crowded Dolomites
Starting and finishing at the Forni is a “must” since  the area offers a good choice/versatility of skiroutes. A perfect start for a skitrip. In addition to ski tours, the nearby ski resorts of Santa Caterina represent a valid alternative in case of particularly snowy days…
But luckily first day we have great weather. Our first destination is the Pizzini hut where we lighten up and continue for a short tour to Passo Zebrù.
On our second day a snowstorm and a bit of bad luck (one of the skier loses a ski) blocks us to the top of Solda and makes us retrace our steps. How to get to Solda? We just have to take a taxi not to upset the whole program. We arrive in Solda late, but the cozy Gasthof refreshes us and makes us forget our unforeseen.
The third day begins with three ski lifts and a long and fantastic descent in fresh snow from the Madriccio pass to  Nino Corsi hut where we put back the skins and climb to  Martello hut. We decide to not skin longer. It’s hot and the next day we have a long day. Day 4 wakes up at 5.30 and leaves at 6.30.  A long ride will take us to the summit of Cevedale with a descent in powder snow along the Cedec valley, the final destination is the Branca hut where we spend two nights. 
 Today was so tiring that part of the group decide to spend the fifth day skiing on the slopes of Bormio to get to know what will be the slopes of the 2026 Olympics.
Last day climb to San Giacomo right in front of the Branca. The snow is not that good but everyone is happy and tired. What better way to rest and recover than to visit the Roman baths?